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Central Hobbies has one of greater Vancouver's largest selection of railroad books, with an emphasis on local subjects.
If there is a book you are interested in and do not see it listed here please give us a phone call or send us an E- Mail. Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

During our recent move all the book sections were completely disorganized. We are in the process of organizing this area. Until we are finished this reorganization, the book listings will not be complete.

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Titles - W
Cover Author Publisher Price
Waterfront Railroads of New York Vol 3
Book Cover Robert J. Yanosey Morning Sun $ 53.25
13 (1) Softcover - NYS&W, Seatrain, NYC, PRR, SB and USN
Waterfront Terminals and Operations
Book Cover Bernard Kempinski Kalmbach $ 29.75
K14 (2) Modeling & Painting Series
Western States Trolleys in Color
Book Cover Edward Ridolph Morning Sun $ 80.99
16 (2) TX, OK, KS, MO, NE, MN, ND, CO, UT, AZ, MT & OR
Wheels Rolling - West
Book Cover Dave and Ted Styffe and Benson Westrail $ 14.95
12 (1) A Photogtaphic Salon of Western Railroading - Hard Cover
When Any Time Was Train Time
Cover Elizabeth A. Willmont Stoddart $ 29.95
11 (1) A study of Ontario Stations
Whistle Posts West
Book Cover M Trainer Heritage $ 18.95
12 (1) Railway tales from British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon
White Pass & Yukon in Color
Book Cover Kevin J. Holland Morning Sun $ 79.99
15 (1) Featurning the photography of Ken DeJean and Ken Goslett
Wings Over The Yukon
Book Cover Bruce McAllister Roundup Press $ 16.99
09 (3) A Photographic History of Yukon Aviation
Wiring Projects for your Model Railroad
Book Cover Larry Puckett Kalmbach $ 29.75
K21 (4) Wiring & Electronics
Wiring Your Model Railroad
Book Cover Larry Puckettalagary's Electric Transit Kalmbach $ 30.39
K14 (4) Essentials Series
Wiring Your Toy Train Layout - Second Edition
Book Cover Peter H. Riddle Kalmbach $ 29.65
K23 (1)
Wisconsin Central
Book Cover Otto P. Dobnick and S. Glischinski Kalmbach $ 77.95
12 (2) A Railroad Success Story
Wisconsin Central Heritage - Volume One
Book Cover John Leopard Four Ways West $ 71.95
22 (1)
Workshop Tips & projects for Model Railroaders
Book Cover Cody Grivno Kalmbach $ 27.35
K13 (3) Modeling & Painting Series - Expert tips and techniques

Titles - X
Cover Author Publisher Price
X car Color Guide V2.
Book Cover James Kinkaid Morning Sun $ 80.99
16 (1) CSXC - GPUX
X car Color Guide V4
Book Cover James Kinkaid Morning Sun $ 79.99
15 (1) OCPX-TKCX


Saturday, February 04, 2023

We reserve the right to correct errors and change prices without prior notice. Please note that page updates are done as time permits. Page contents may lag behind store stock.

Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

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