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Central Hobbies has one of greater Vancouver's largest selection of railroad books, with an emphasis on local subjects.
If there is a book you are interested in and do not see it listed here please give us a phone call or send us an E- Mail. Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

During our recent move all the book sections were completely disorganized. We are in the process of organizing this area. Until we are finished this reorganization, the book listings will not be complete.

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Titles - M
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
How to Kitbash Structures
Tony Koester Kalmbach $ 29.25
K22 Modeling & Painting Series

Titles - M
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
Magnetic North
Roger Cook & Karl Zimmermann Stoddart $ 50.00
11 Canadian Steam in Twilight
Makin' tracks
Lynne Rhodes and Ken Mayer & Vove Praeger $ 9.99
04 The story of the transcontinental railroad in the pictures and words of the men who were there.
Mallet to Mogul
Robert L. Hogan Chatham $ 14.99
08 Tourist Steamers of the Pacific Coast (1973)
Memories of Canadian Pacific Steam in B.C. - Volume 1
18 Pictures and text.
Mid-Air Moose Jaw
Larry Shaak Self Published $ 25.00
12 ABout the 1954 mid-air collision over the city of Moose Jaw
Mid-sized Track Plans for Realistic Layouts
Bernard Kempinski Kalmbach $ 24.19
K12 26 innovative model railroad track plans in Z, N, HO, O and G scales.
Milwaukee Road 1850 - 1960 Photo Archive
P.A. Letourneau Iconografix $ 42.49
12 A collection of Milwaukee Road photographs.
Milwaukee Road Depots
Kim D. Tschudy Iconografix $ 46.45
20 1856 - 1954 Photo Archive
Milwaukee Road Facilities in Color Vol2
Book Cover Robert J. Yanosey Morning Sun $ 81.99
14 Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington
Milwaukee Road in its Hometown
Jim Scribbins Kalmbach $ 28.49
20 In and around the city of Milwaukee
Miniature Garden Guide Book
Nancy Norris Kalmbach $ 29.25
K13 for beautiful rock gardens for your garden railway.
Missouri Pacific Color Guide to Freight and Passenger
Book Cover James Kinkaid Morning Sun $ 59.95
14 The varied roster of the MoPac is examined in more than 300 vintage color photos of passenger cars, revenue freight cars, trucks and MofW cars.
Missouri Pacific Lines
Patrick C. Dorin TLC Publishing $ 45.59
04 Freight train services and equipment.
Model Railroad Bridges & Trestles
Model Railroader Kalmbach $ 23.95
K22 Volume 2
Model Railroad Electronics 04
Rutger Friberg Allt Om $ 29.95
12 More projects
Model Railroad Track and Layout
A.C. Kalmbach Kalmbach $ 4.99
08 4th Edition, 3rd printing, 1950.
Model Railroader Cyclopedia - Volume 1
Linn H. Westcott Kalmbach $ 75.00
03 Steam locomotive drawings from MR. - Hard Cover - Third Printing 1966 - Used.
Model Railroading in Small Spaces - 2nd Edition
Mat Chibbaro Kalmbach $ 29.25
Model Railroading with John Allen
Book Cover Linn H. Westcott Kalmbach $ 82.99
12 The story of the fabulous HO scale Gorre & Daphetid Railroad. Expanded hardcover Version.
Model Railroads go to WAR
Bernard Kempinski Kalmbach $ 23.98
K23 Layout Design and Planning Series
Modeling and Detailing Diesels
Randal B. Lee MRG $ 9.95
15 Detailed Instructions and ideas for Prototype Modeling
Modeling and Detailing Diesels - Volume 2
Randal B. Lee MRG $ 23.19
15 Detailed Instructions and ideas for Prototype Modeling
Modeling Structures
Jeff Wilson Kalmbach $ 31.45
FC Essentials Series
Modeling the '50s - The Glory Years of Rail -
Edited Kalmbach $ 28.95
K14 How-to projects, track plans and more.
Modern Piggyback Trailers
Book Cover David G. Casdorph FCJ $ 43.98
Modern Toy Trains
Gerry & Janet Souter MBI $ 21.95
12 A study of the modern tinplate section of the hobby.
Montreal Railway Terminals
Michael Leduc Leduc $ 15.00
Mother Lode Shortline - Used
Book Cover Ted Benson Carstens $ 14.95
15 A Sierra Railroad Pictorial
Mountain Mainlines of the West
Ronald C. Hill CRM $ 17.50
08 Pictures of western transcontinental railroads
Mountain Timber
Book Cover Richard Somerset Mackie Sono Nis Press $ 42.95
11 The Comox Logging Company - Sequel to Island Timber

Titles - N
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
N Scale Railroading
Robert Schleicher Karuse $ 24.00
15 Build a complete model railroad from track to scenery.
N Scale Railroading
Marty McGuirk Kalmbach No Stock
K12 Getting started in the hobby. 2nd Edition
Narrow Gauge . . . then and now
Book Cover Nils Huxtable and Tom Gildersleeve Steamscenes $ 24.95
14 Colorado Narrow Gauge
Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Volume V
Edited R. Robb $ 34.99
20 Cabooses of the D&RGW
Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Volume VII
Jerry B. Day R. Robb $ 36.75
20 Denver and Rio Grande Western Work Equipment -- OA to OZ
Narrow Gauge Railway Scenes
Adolf Hungry Wolf Canadian Caboose Press $ 24.95
13 Narrow Gauge Railway Scenes in North America
Narrow Gauge Through the Bush
Bruce Clarke Clarke $ 65.00
09 Ontario's Toronto Grey & Bruce and Toronto & Nipissing Railways
Nevada County Narrow Gauge
Cover Gerald M. Best Heimburger $ 45.90
09 This is the story of the "Never Come-Never Go" . .
New York Central in the Hudson Valley
George H. Drury Kalmbach $ 18.95
12 The Water Level Route in steam and diesel
Niagara, St. Catherines & Toronto Railway (Hard Cover)
John M. Mills Railfare $ 64.95
12 An illustrated history of Electric Transit Canada's Niagara Peninsula
Niagara, St. Catherines & Toronto Railway (Soft Cover)
John M. Mills Railfare $ 44.95
12 An illustrated history of Electric Transit Canada's Niagara Peninsula
Nicholas Morant's Canadian Pacific
Cover John F. Garden Footprint $ 150.00
10 A collection of Nicholas Morant's CPR Photographs - Second edition. Used, Cover is rough.
Nickel Plate Color Photography - Volume 3
Book Cover Fred D. Cheney Morning Sun $ 74.98
14 The railfan perspective.
No Horsecars in Paradise
Book Cover Douglas V. Parker Railfare $ 29.98
12 Used - A History of the Street Railways and Public Utlities in Victoria, BC before 1897
North American Locomotives
Book Cover Brian Solomon Voyageur Press $ 52.95
09 A Railroad-by-Railroad Photohistory
North American Railroads
Book Cover Brian Solomon Voyager $ 42.95
09 The illustrated Encyclopedia
North America's Great Railroads
Thomas York Bison Group $ 20.00
03 The eight great North American Railroads as of 1987. Pre mergers.
Northern Light
Book Cover Dale Sanders White River $ 99.95
10 A Portrait of BC Rail
Northern Pacific Color Pictorial - Volume 1
Joseph W. Shine Four Ways West $ 76.19
20 NP Motive Power - The Transitional Years. Reprint
Nothern Pacific - A Personal Perspective
Book Cover Matthew J. Herson Morning Sun $ 52.50
12 “The Main Street of the Northwest” in the 1960s. Features the last decade of the Northern Pacific and a look at NP trains across the system including operations, power, and equipment! -

Titles - O
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
On a Streak of Lightning
J. Edward Martin Studio E $ 69.98
03 Electric railways in Canada
One Track Mind
Ted Benson Stoddart $ 49.99
10 Photographic Essays on Western railroads
Open Top Loads Vol: 4
Book Cover Robert J. Yanosey Morning Sun $ 53.99
14 Flatcar and Gondola Color Portfolio. Soft cover
Orange Blossom Special - Florida's Distinguished Winter
Theodore Shrady and Arthur M. Waldrop ACL & SAL Hist $ 38.05
10 Expanded Second Edition

Titles - P
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
Pacific Fruit Express
Book Cover Anthony W. Thompson, R.J. Church, B.H. Jones Signature Press $ 100.00
10 Second edition. 2nd hand copy.
Painting Backdrops for your Model Railroad
Mike Danneman Kalmbach $ 25.25
Passenger cars - Vol. 1
Hal Carstens Carstens $ 43.89
15 Wooden Cars - Heavyweight Steel Cars
Passing Trains
Greg McDonnell Stoddart $ 50.00
10 + 03 The changing face of Canadian Railroading
Pennsy Diesels 1924-1968
Kenneth L. Douglas and P.C. Weiglin Hundman $ 74.98
04 A-6 to EF-36
Pennsy Electric Years Vol 2
Book Cover Bert Pennypacker Morning Sun $ 76.75
14 Volume 2
Pere Marquette
Cover Arthur B. Million and John C. Paton Hundman $ 54.19
12 Revenue Freight Cars
Planning Scenery for you Model Railroad
Tony Koester Kalmbach $ 26.95
K11 How to use nature fro modeling realism.
Point St. Charles Shops
Michael Leduc Leduc $ 12.00
Portrait of the Rails
Don Ball, Jr Galahad $ 19.95
04 From Steam to Diesel
Portrait of the Rails
Don Ball, Jr Galahad $ 7.14
04 From Steam to Diesel. No jacket. Used. Tired book.
Practical Guide to Digital Command Control
Book Cover Larry Puckett Carstens $ 33.98
MRL The current best guide to DCC
Prairie Depots In Color
Book Cover David H. Hickcox Morning Sun $ 63.98
14 Volume 1 GN with MP, T&P, A&O, SLSF and M-K-T
Project Railroads You Can Build
Book Cover Edited Kalmbach $ 26.29
KD from benchwork to finished scenery.
Pullman-Standard Freight Cars, 1900-1960
Edward S. Kaminski Signature Press $ 71.50
11 This book provides a survey of typical cars built by P-S during the 1900-1960 period.


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