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Central Hobbies has one of greater Vancouver's largest selection of railroad books, with an emphasis on local subjects.
If there is a book you are interested in and do not see it listed here please give us a phone call or send us an E- Mail. Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

During our recent move all the book sections were completely disorganized. We are in the process of organizing this area. Until we are finished this reorganization, the book listings will not be complete.

Author Index by Initial of Last Name

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Authors - E
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
John P. + Charles A. Eaton and Haas
Book Cover Titanic - Destination Disaster Haynes $ 20.75
09 The Legends and the reality. Revised Third Edition - Soft Cover
David Eatwell
Today's Steam on the Sugar Lines of Cuba BRMNA $ 15.00
18 A selection of photographs with full captions
America's Driving Force Walthers $ 77.45
13 Modeling Railroads and the Automotive Industry
Book Cover Basic Buildings Kalmbach $ 8.35
KD Easy Model Railroading Series
Cover Building Big and Small Industries Kalmbach $ 29.99
FC Modeling & Painting Series
Cover Classic Railroads you Can Model Kalmbach $ 25.69
KD a compilation of the best plans from Railroads You Can model and More railroads You Can Model.
Color Treasury of Model Trains Crescent $ 5.49
Cover Diesel Detailing Projects Kalmbach $ 14.95
KD Prototype modeling in HO scale
Book Cover Get started in garden railroading Kalmbach $ 8.35
KD Easy Model Railroading Series
Heisler Catalogue TimberTimes $ 14.95
15 A reprint of the 1920 Heisler catalogue
Locomotives of the CPR The Railroad & locomotive Hist $ 125.00
MC Bulletin No. 83. 1951, hard cover.
Modeling the '50s - The Glory Years of Rail - Kalmbach $ 28.95
K14 How-to projects, track plans and more.
Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Volume V R. Robb $ 34.99
20 Cabooses of the D&RGW
Book Cover Project Railroads You Can Build Kalmbach $ 26.29
KD from benchwork to finished scenery.
Rail Preservation - Heritage Park Calgary Heritage Park $ 14.95
08 Collewction of Railway Equipment displayed at the Hertage Park Historical Village in Calgary
Second Avenue EL in Manhattan N.J. International $ 41.35
15 Pictures and commentary of the Second Avenue EL in New York.
Snow War National Parks canada $ 19.95
08 An illustrated history of Rogers Pass Glacier National Park, B.C.
Starter Track Plans for Model Railroaders Kalmbach $ 22.50
K21 25 Easy to build tracks pland from the pages of Model railroader
Structure projects for your Model Railroad Kalmbach $ 26.65
K22 Add life to your model railroad with structures!
The Grande Mountains Grandt $ 56.70
20 The Standard gauge 4-8-2s of the Denver and Rio Grande Western
Book Cover Tips on Track Kalmbach $ 8.35
KD Easy Model Railroading Series
Train Shed Cyclopedia # 18 Gregg $ 10.00
15 Locomotives selected from the 1916 Locomotive Dictionary
Trains Around the World Octopus $ 9.52
Harold A. Edmonson
Journey to Amtrak Kalmbach $ 14.95
08 The year history rode the passenger train. Used.
Dennis and Ron Edwards & Pigram
The Romace of Metro-Land Bloomsbury Books $ 5.99
04 A further pictorial history of the countryside served by the old Metropolinan Railway
Brian A. Elchlepp
Book Cover British Columbia Railway to BC Rail Monte Vista $ 97.98
10 June 1984 through December 1987
Hamilton Ellis
The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Railways Paul Hamlyn $ 5.00
08 A reasonable overview of world railways from the beginning to 1969.
Kevin EuDaly
Santa Fe Rails - Volume 1 White River $ 45.99
02 1996 Guide to Santa Fe
Book Cover 100 years of Canadian Railway Recipes Exporail $ 39.00
14 All aboard for an historic dining experience!
E.J. Hart
The Selling of Canada Altitude $ 19.99
08 The CPR and the beginnings of Canadian Tourism

Authors - F
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
R.C. Farewell
Book Cover Rio Grande - A Last Look Back Misc $ 75.99
11 1974 - 2010
Jack W. & Mike Farrell & Pearsall
Book Cover The Northerns PFM $ 50.00
03 Jacketed and slipcovered.
S. Kip Farrington, Jr.
Railroading Around the World Castle $ 10.00
08 Pictures of railways in twenty-two countires around the world.
Paul Faulk
Book Cover Atlantic Coast Line Color Guide Morning Sun $ 68.69
14 To freight and passenger equipment
Mallory Hope Ferrell
Colorful East Broad Top Heimburger $ 26.99
Mallory Hope Ferrell
Book Cover Virginia & Truckee Hundman $ 110.00
10 The Bonanza Road. 2nd hand. Covered jacket.
Don Fiehmann
The DCC Guide Kalmbach $ 22.39
K23 How to select and use your command control system.
Le Fleming
International Locomotives Arco $ 9.99
04 From the collection of Paintings by the late H M Le Fleming
Wentworth Folkins and M. Bradley
The Great Days of Canadian Steam Hounslow $ 24.99
11 A Wentworth Folkins Portfolio
Wesley Fox
Union Pacific - Cheyenne West - Part 1 Fox Publications $ 26.49
02 A pictorial on the UP main line west from Cheyenne.
Kevin Franchuk
The Railways of Calgary - Volume 3 - The Diesel Era - 1950 to 1999 BRMNA $ 15.00
18 A selection of photographs with full captions
Dave Frary
How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery Kalmbach $ 31.95
K11 3rd Edition
Dave Frary
Cover The Pennsy Middle Division in HO Scale Kalmbach $ 12.65
KD Includes construction ideas and techniques useful in all scales
Jim Fredrickson
Railscapes WSU Press $ 59.95
12 A Northern Pacific Brasspounder's Album - Hard Cover
Rutger Friberg
Model Railroad Electronics 04 Allt Om $ 29.95
12 More projects
Ed Fulcomer
Colorado & Southern - Southern Division - Color Pictorial Four Ways West $ 69.98
20 A color guide to the southern division of the Colorado & Southern.

Authors - G
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
Eric Gagnon
Book Cover Trackside with VIA Gagnon $ 24.95
14 The First 35 years
John F. Garden
Cover Nicholas Morant's Canadian Pacific Footprint $ 150.00
10 A collection of Nicholas Morant's CPR Photographs - Second edition. Used, Cover is rough.
John F. Garden
Book Cover The Crow and the Kettle Footprint $ 250.00
MC The CPR in Southern British Columbia and Alberta, 1950 - 1989.
John F. Garden
The Palliser Triangle Footprint $ 59.95
10 A Tale of the Canadian Grasslands
Colin Garratt
Steam Trains York Publications $ 5.00
08 Europe and Asia
Thomas H. Garver
Cover The Last Steam Railroad in America Abrams $ 40.00
03 Photography by O.Winston Link
John Glaab
The Brown Book of Brass Locomotives Krause $ 35.00
08 2nd Edition. Used.
Gordon, Willaim, Tom Glattenberg, Mills and Gildersleeve
Book Cover Southland White River Publications $ 107.98
FC Southern California Railroading in the Golden Age of Kodachrome
Steve Glischinski
Book Cover Burlington Northern and its Heritage Andover Junction $ 100.00
10 1970 - 1991 A 20 Year Salute
Steve Glishinski
Santa Fe Railway Voyager $ 27.98
12 Railroad color history
Robert Goldsborough
Great Railroad Paintings Peacock/Bantam $ 19.98
08 Copies of 43 railroad paintings.
Sean Graham-White
Electro-Motive Division's Classic Cowl Units Four Ways West $ 75.50
20 A Color Pictorial
Gene Green
Book Cover Refrigerator Car Color Guide Morning Sun $ 79.69
14 An all color examination of privately-owned, ice-bunker refrigerator cars in the 50';s, 60's and 70's.
Richard Green
Book Cover The Northern Pacific Railway of McGee and Nixon NWSL $ 79.89
10 Classic photographs of Northern Pacific equipment and environment during the 1930-1955
Richard Green
The Pacific Northwest Railroads of McGee and Nixon NWSL $ 69.95
US Pictures from McGee and Nixon
Greenberg's Guide to Lionel Trails 2002 Kalmbach $ 20.45
12 Pocket price Guide
Cody Grivno
Workshop Tips & Projects for Model Railroaders Kalmbach $ 23.19
K22 Modeling & Painting Series - Expert tips and techniques
David R.P. Guay
 Cover Great Western Railway of Canada Dundurn $ 22.99
08 Southern Ontario's Pioneer Railway
David R.P. Guay
Book Cover Tracks to the Trenches Fifth House $ 45.00
MC Canadian Railway Troops in the Great War (1914-1919)

Authors - H
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
Rev E Hamer
Locomotives of Zimbabwe and Botswana Stenvalls $ 46.95
04 A locomotive pictorial
Victor and Harold Hand & Edmonson
The Love of Trains Octopus $ 10.00
08 Steam and Diesel Locomoitves in Action Around the World. 2nd Hand. Jacket torn.
John R. Hardy
Canadian Rail Travel Self Published $ 49.95
11 + 03 A photographic record of passenger train journeys 1964-1991
Chris Harris
BC Rail Country Light $ 19.99
11 British Columbia's Great Train Adventure
R.G. Harvey
Carving the Western Path Heritage $ 18.95
10 By river, rail and road through B.C.'s Southern Mountains
Colin K. Hatcher
Stampede City Streetcars Railfare $ 15.00
03 Jacket badly torn.
Derek Hayes
Book Cover Iron Road West Harbour $ 44.95
FC An Illustrated History of British Columbia's Railways
Donald J. Heimburger
Book Cover Trains of America HH $ 44.695
09 All-Color railroad photography featuring late steam and early diesel
Mark W. Hemphill
Union Pacific - Salt Lake Route Stoddart $ 75.00
10 The story of the Union Pacific Salt Lake Route
John Henderson
Four Great Divisions H & M Publications $ 29.70
14 NYC's Hudson, NP-BN's Rocky Mtn., Erie-Lackawanna's NY & Scranton - Divisions
Tim Hensley
Steam Steel & Stars - America's Last Steam Railroad Abrams $ 35.00
08 Photos by O.Winston Link - Second Hand
Matthew J. Herson
Book Cover Nothern Pacific - A Personal Perspective Morning Sun $ 52.50
12 “The Main Street of the Northwest” in the 1960s. Features the last decade of the Northern Pacific and a look at NP trains across the system including operations, power, and equipment! -
David H. Hickcox
Book Cover Prairie Depots In Color Morning Sun $ 63.98
14 Volume 1 GN with MP, T&P, A&O, SLSF and M-K-T
Ronald C. Hill
Colorful Colorado Railroads in the 1990s CRM $ 59.95
12 Color pictorial on 1990's Colorado railroading
Ronald C. Hill
Mountain Mainlines of the West CRM $ 17.50
08 Pictures of western transcontinental railroads
George W. Hilton
Cover American Narrow Gauge Railroads Stanford $ 59.99
03 A study of North American Narrow Gauge Railways.
Don L. Hofsommer
The Hook & Eye U if Minn. $ 42.95
03 A History of The Iowa Central Railway
Robert L. Hogan
Mallet to Mogul Chatham $ 14.99
08 Tourist Steamers of the Pacific Coast (1973)
Alfred J.J. Holck
Burlington Route - Color Pictorial - Volume 2 Four Ways West $ 77.50
20 Volume 2
Kevin Holland
Book Cover Canadian Pacific Facilities In Color Volume 1 Morning Sun $ 62.99
Kevin J. Holland
Book Cover Canadian Pacific Facilities in Color Volume 3 Morning Sun $ 81.59
Kevin J. Holland
Rails to the Border - Volume 1 BRMNA $ 15.00
18 The New York Central, Chesapeake & Ohio, and Wabash in Southern Ontario
Kevin J. Holland
Book Cover VIA in color Morning Sun $ 78.50
14 The First 25 years 1976-2001
Kevin J. Holland
Book Cover White Pass & Yukon in Color Morning Sun $ 79.50
14 Featurning the photography of Ken DeJean and Ken Goslett
J.B. Hollingsworth
The Atlas of Train Travel Sidgwick and Jackson $ 10.00
08 World train travel
Jeff Holt
Trouble on The Tracks (Soft Cover) Railfare $ 29.95
12 Grand Trunk Railway of New England Tragedies
Jim Hope
Those Beautiful 'C' Liners LPD Publishing $ 6.99
17 A Photo Album of 'C' Liners in British Columbia
Timothy J. Horton
Cover Canadian Rail Car Pictorial - Volume 09 Prairie Rail $ 24.95
15 Pacific Great Eastern/British Columbia Railway Boxcars (Part 1)
Adolf Hungrywolf
Book Cover Vintage Cubano Canadian Caboose Press $ 82.50
10 Adventures with old cars, antique trains, and friendly people.
David F. and Richard Hutchings and Kerbrech
Cover RMS Titanic 1909-12 (Olympic Class) Haynes $ 29.50
09 Owner's Wokshop Manual
Nils Huxtable
A World of Steam Steamscenes $ 24.95
14 A pictorial on steam engines the world over.
Nils Huxtable
Daylight Reflections - Volume 1 Steamscenes $ 49.99
12 From Daylight to Startlight
Nils Huxtable
Rocky Mountain Sunrise Huxtable $ 49.99
Nils Huxtable
Seasons of Steam Steamscenes $ 54.95
12 British Steam. Includes 2006 Calendar
Nils Huxtable and Tom Gildersleeve
Book Cover Narrow Gauge . . . then and now Steamscenes $ 24.95
14 Colorado Narrow Gauge


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