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Central Hobbies has one of greater Vancouver's largest selection of railroad books, with an emphasis on local subjects.
If there is a book you are interested in and do not see it listed here please give us a phone call or send us an E- Mail. Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

During our recent move all the book sections were completely disorganized. We are in the process of organizing this area. Until we are finished this reorganization, the book listings will not be complete.

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Titles - I
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
Illinois Central Color Pictorial - Volume 1
Clifford J. Downey Four Ways West $ 93.99
20 Passenger Service
Illustrated Treasurey of the MLW 'Montreal Locomotive Works'
O.M. Kerr DPA LTA $ 29.95
02 Alco to Bombardier 1904 - 1989
Illustrated Treasury of Modern Freight Cars of North America
James W. Kerr DPA-LTA $ 19.95
13 220 Larg Format Builders photos
In Search of the Narrow Gauge
Bob Whetham Sono Nis Press $ 19.95
10 Narrow Gauge railways around the world
Industrial Railroading in Color - Volume 2
Book Cover Stephen M. Timko Morning Sun $ 62.99
Intermodal Modeler's Guide - Volume 2
Randal B. Lee MRG $ 22.95
15 Prototype Information and Modeling Projects for the Intermodal Modeler.
International Locomotives
Le Fleming Arco $ 9.99
04 From the collection of Paintings by the late H M Le Fleming
Interurban to St. Albert
Raymond Corley and Douglas Parker Havelock House $ 9.95
16 The Edmonton Interurban Railway
Iron Road West
Book Cover Derek Hayes Harbour $ 44.95
FC An Illustrated History of British Columbia's Railways
Peter and Colin Lorie & Garratt Dolphin Doubleday $ 9.99
04 Steam trains of the world
Island Timber
Book Cover Richard Somerset Mackie Sono Nis Press $ 39.95
11 A social history of the Comox Logging Company Vancouver Island

Titles - J
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
James Jarvis' Toronto and Montreal Railway Photography - 1952
Donald M. Bain BRMNA $ 35.00
18 All Colour.
Jane's Train Recognition Guide
Howard and Ken Johnston & Harris Collins $ 6.99
08 2005 Guide to world locomotives.
Journey to Amtrak
Harold A. Edmonson Kalmbach $ 14.95
08 The year history rode the passenger train. Used.

Titles - K
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
Kettle Valley Railway
Book Cover Gerry Doekson Various $ 12.95
15 Railways of Western Canada Vol 1. 2nd Edition
Kettle Valley Railway. 2nd Edition
Book Cover Gerry Doekson Various $ 12.95
15 Revised edition covering the Kettle Valley Railway
Kinsey - Photographer
Bohn/Petschek Chronicle Books $ 49.99
04 The Locomotive Portraits. Softcover.

Titles - L
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
Last Train to Toronto
Terry Pindell Henry Holt $ 19.99
12 A ride on one of the last 'Canadians' to travel from Toronto to the west. -Soft cover
Lawrence A. Stuckey's Canadian and US Photography - 1935 to 1957
Donald Bain BRMNA $ 25.00
18 A photo collection
Le Temps Des Chemins De fer En France
J Marseille PML $ 9.99
09 A history or railways in France in French.
Le Train et La Region Du Nord
Jean-Paul Visse Misc $ 9.99
09 A history of the railways in the Northern region of France. In French
Le Tramway du Mont-Blanc
Jose Banaudo Du Cabri $ 9.99
09 Collection: Les trains du Mont-Blanc, Quartrieme volume
Livestock & Meatpacking
Jeff Wislon Kalmbach $ 26.75
K22 Guide to Industries Series
Living Steam
Anthony Lambert NH $ 15.00
llustrated CN, CP and VIA Rail Motive-Power 1983-1984
J Kerr DPA-LTA $ 9.99
12 Rosters
Locomotive Terminals & Railroad Structures
Book Cover Hal Carstens Carstens $ 18.95
15 Roundhouses, Diesel Houses, Turntables, . . .
Locomotives in my Life
Don Wood A-V-D $ 25.00
Locomotives of the CPR
Edited The Railroad & locomotive Hist $ 125.00
MC Bulletin No. 83. 1951, hard cover.
Locomotives of the Rio Grande
CRM Colorado Railroad Museum $ 9.95
09 A Detailed Locomotive roster of the Rio Grande Sstem 1871-1983
Locomotives of Zimbabwe and Botswana
Rev E Hamer Stenvalls $ 46.95
04 A locomotive pictorial
Logging By Rail - paperback
Book Cover Robert D. Turner Sono Nis Press $ 39.95
11 The British Columbia Story - Third Printing
Logging Railroads in Skagit County
Dennis Blake Thompson NWSL $ 69.98
11 The first comprehensive History of the Logging Railroads in Skagit County
Logging Railroads of the Pacific Northwest in color: Volume
Book Cover Gary Durr - NEW - Morning Sun $ 80.99
FC Washington State
Logging Railroads of the West
Kramer Adams Bonanza $ 20.00
08 A Pictorial history of the logging railways of the western woods.
Logging to the Saltchuck - Soft Cover
John T. Labbe and Peter J. Replinger NWSL $ 24.99
10 Over 100 years of logging in Mason County, Washington. 2nd hand.
Lords of the Line
David Cruise and Alison Griffiths Various $ 19.99
03 The men who built the CPR - Second hand


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Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

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