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Central Hobbies has one of greater Vancouver's largest selection of railroad books, with an emphasis on local subjects.
If there is a book you are interested in and do not see it listed here please give us a phone call or send us an E- Mail. Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

During our recent move all the book sections were completely disorganized. We are in the process of organizing this area. Until we are finished this reorganization, the book listings will not be complete.

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Titles - E
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
Easy Model Railroad Scenery Projects
Book Cover Kalmbach Kalmbach $ 29.75
FC Projects from the pages of Model Railroader magazine.
Electrical Handbook for Model Railroaders - V2
Paul Mallery Carstens $ 14.95
15 Advanced Electrical Concepts
Electro-Motive Division's Classic Cowl Units
Sean Graham-White Four Ways West $ 75.50
20 A Color Pictorial
Enchanting Horizons
VIA VIA $ 5.00
08 VIA Rails Log to Western Canada
Enter Diesel - Exit Steam (Railways in Transition E. Ontario, Quebec and the
Ian Donaldson BRMNA $ 9.00
18 A selection of photographs with full captions
Essential Skills for Scale Modelers
Aarron Skinner Kalmbach $ 24.50
K14 Scale Modeler's How-To Guide

Titles - F
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
Fairwell to Steam in Canada
N.H. Mika Mika Silk Screening $ 14.99
13 Canadian Steam Locomotives in Story and Pictures
Famous Name Trains
David Laurence Jones Fifth House $ 39.95
12 Travelling in Style with the CPR - Hard Cover
Famous Name Trains
David Laurence Jones Fifth House $ 29.95
12 Travelling in Style with the CPR - Soft Cover
Four Great Divisions
John Henderson H & M Publications $ 29.70
14 NYC's Hudson, NP-BN's Rocky Mtn., Erie-Lackawanna's NY & Scranton - Divisions
Freight Car Models Vol 1
Robert Schleicher RMJ $ 11.95
15 Building from the Protoype for Better Models
Freight Cars of the '40s and '50s
Jeff Wilson Kalmbach $ 29.69
K24 Model a transition era freight car fleet
Book Cover John W. Reed White River $ 62.99
10 Nothing Could be finer that a Frisco Diner
From Abbey to Zorra via Bagdad
Book Cover Dale Wilson Nickel Belt Rails $ 50.00
MC Used, foxed, badgered and othewise well used
From Folly to Fortune
Jay Underwood Railfare $ 29.95
12 The firing of Richardson Forman - Soft Cover
From Wood to Steel
Book Cover Richard McQuade Martin Grove $ 74.98
11 Canadian Railway Passenger Cars from 1860 to 1920.

Titles - G
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
Garden Railway Basics
Kevin Strong Kalmbach $ 26.95
K21 From concept to construction to upkeep
General Motors' F-Units
Daniel J. and John R Mulhearn & Taibi Quadrant $ 29.99
20 The Locomotives that Revolutionized Railroading
Get started in garden railroading
Book Cover Edited Kalmbach $ 8.35
KD Easy Model Railroading Series
Grand Trunk Western Power in Color Volume 1
Book Cover Stephen M. Timko Morning Sun $ 82.75
14 Modern Steam and First Generation Diesel. Includes DT&SL and Detroit Terminal railroads.
Great Northern Railway
Book Cover John Kelly Iconograpix $ 38.85
12 Route of the Empire Builder
Great Railroad Paintings
Robert Goldsborough Peacock/Bantam $ 19.98
08 Copies of 43 railroad paintings.
Great Railway Journeys of the World
Book Cover Various Dutton $ 15.00
08 Written by Michael Frayn, Miles Kingtom, Eric Robson, Ludovic Kennedy, Michael Palin, Brian Thompson and Michael Wood.
Great railway Journeys of the World
Max Wade-Matthews Prospero $ 20.00
08 An encylopedia of the world`s best locomotive journeys. 1998
Great Trains of North America
P.B. Whitehouse Hamlyn $ 4.76
Great Western Railway of Canada
 Cover David R.P. Guay Dundurn $ 22.99
08 Southern Ontario's Pioneer Railway
Greenberg's Guide to Lionel Trails 2002
Greenberg Kalmbach $ 20.45
12 Pocket price Guide
Greyhound Scenicruiser
Book Cover Tom and Fred McNally and Rayman Iconogrphics $ 39.65
12 Flagship of the Fleet
Guide to Narrow Gauge Modeling
Tony Koester Kalmbach $ 26.39
K24 Layout design and planning series

Titles - H
Cover Author Publisher Price
Locn Description
Heckman`s Canadian Pacific A Photographic Journey
Book Cover Ralph Beaumont Beaumont $ 60.00
FC Joseph William Heckman was a photographer with the CPR from 1898 to 1915. This is a selection from the 4,000+ glass plate photographs he took.
Heisler Catalogue
Edited TimberTimes $ 14.95
15 A reprint of the 1920 Heisler catalogue
High Speed Trains
Collins Chartwell $ 7.99
02 2nd hand.
Highball - A Pageant of Trains
Lucius Beebe Bonanza $ 2.99
08 Ex library book. Damaged.
Book Cover Lucius Beebe Bonanza $ 30.00
04 A Railroad Album. Jacket Covered.
How to Build & Detail Model Railroad Scenes Vol 2
Book Cover Lou Sassi Kalmbach $ 20.95
KD Detail your scenes for a more realistic layout.
How to Build Railroad Models
Frank Taylor Kalmbach $ 4.99
08 3rd prnitng, 1947
How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery
Dave Frary Kalmbach $ 31.95
K11 3rd Edition
How to Use an Airbrush
Robert Downie Kalmbach $ 31.95
K12 Tips and techniques with step-by-step instructions for 11 projects.


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Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

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