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HO Scale CNR Diesel Era Brass Models

Central Hobbies has a selection of brass models: locomotives, passenger cars and MOW equipment.
We handle consignment sales.
If there is a special item you are looking for, please E-mail us or give us a call.
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We have Brass Models in the following Scales and Road Names:
HO Scale Canadian Pacific Railway Brass Models HO Scale Canadian National Railway Brass Models HO Scale Other Railways Other Scales
Canadian Pacific Railway - Steam Era Canadian National Railway - Steam Era Miscellaneous Models N-Scale Brass
Canadian Pacific Railway - M&G Diesel Era Canadian National Railway - 1954 Scheme - PGE/BCR/BC Rail S-Scale Brass
CP Rail Era Canadian National Railway - 61 Scheme - Narrow Gauge O Scale Brass
Canadian Pacific Railway - Modern Canadian National Railway - Modern - Logging Equipment
US Railroads
New models being tested

. . Locomotive
or Model
(Importer / Manufacturer)
and Other Notes
CNR Canadian National Railway
. . Canadian National Railway - CN GP40-2
Rd# 9410
Model Code - SS-152
Location: BR
Manufacturer - Pacific Pike/Frew + Gordon - - Manufacturers Code: OO-RU
Box - Good
Foam - Bad yekllo foam replaced with new foam and bubble wrap.
Paint Job - Painted- Nice.
Comments - Tries to run. Very rough. Needs a clean and lube.
$200.00 CDN$
. . Canadian National Railway - CN GP40-2
. .
. . Canadian National Railway - CNR Flanger - maybe
Model Code - ST-022
Location: MC
Manufacturer - Custom Brass/Korea
Box - Good
Foam - OK
Paint Job - Undecorated
Comments - Undecorated, A bit of tarnish on the model.
$199.99 CDN$
. . Canadian National Railway - CNR Flanger - maybe
. .


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