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Max Jacquaird Prints

Bio: Max Jacquiard, a resident of Coquitlam, British Columbia, has become one of the most respected artists in Canada in his specialized field of painting images of trains.  A printer by trade, Max has been painting steam trains exclusively since 1981.  These powerful acrylic images on canvas conjure up visions of the strength and romance of the steam trains that have been a part of his life since his early childhood in both Flin Fon, Manitoba, and his later move to British Columbia.  Max is a member of the 'Society of Steam Era Artists of America'.  The evocative nature of Max Jacquiard's paintings have captured the imaginations of steam buffs across Canada and the United States.   His paintings now grace the walls of many North American homes and corporate offices.

Central Hobbies carries some Max Jacquiard prints.
The prints we have are framed.

These are the Max Jacquaird prints we have in stock.

Cisco Bridges #1

The Cisco Bridges #1 Framed print is available for $ 6000.00

Max Jacquiard Cisco Bridges #1

Image Size
Framed Paper - $ 6000.00

Squamish Barge Slip

The Squamish Barge Slip Framed print is available for $ 1100.00

Max Jacquiard The Barge Slip at Squamish

Image Size
Paper 11/24
Framed Paper - $ 1100.00

Fifties Fog on the River

The Fifties Fog on the River Framed print is available for $ 2000.00

Max Jacquiard Fifties fog on the River

Image Size
Paper 28/135
Framed Paper - $ 2000.00

683 on Morant's Curve, 1901

The 683 on Morat's Curve Framed print is available for $ 2000.00

Max Jacquiard 683 at Morant's Curve

Image Size "
Framed Paper - $ 2000.00

Images and text from Banman promotional material are used with permission of Banman Publishing Inc.

Please note the images are scanned from publicity material so they differ (in some cases markedly) from the actual images.

Updated December 05, 2020

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