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Product Announcements

This is a partial list of product announcements. It is not a full list. There are too many products coming and not enough time to list all of them. If there is something that you are interested in that you don't see listed please contact us.

Unless otherwise noted items are HO scale. Please note that most of these dates are estimated US arrival dates. Arrival in Canada may be weeks to months later.
Items are removed from this page sometime after they have arrived in the store.

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Date Item
HO Rapido Trains
Due to the large number of Rapido trains Announcements I have created a separate Rapido Trains Announcements web page.
November 28, 2019
As many of the announcements formerly on this page have arrived, been cancelled or delayed until who knows when, I have purged most of them and started over.
November 28, 2019
HO Athearn
Athearn has announced Canadian Pacific Railway GP9s in Maroon & Grey Block and Script Lettering.
Four roadnumbers - DC or DCC and Sound. Orders by late December 2019 for delivery late November 2020.

CPR Script GP9 CPR Script GP9 Rd# 8506

CPR Script GP9 CPR Script GP9 Rd# 8512

CPR Block GP9 CPR Block Lettering GP9 Rd# 8487

CPR Block GP9 CPR Block Lettering GP9 Rd# 8495
  • Passenger service
  • Phase Ia
  • Footboards with slotted steps
  • “ Pipe ” handrail stanchions
  • Inward railing bend at ends
  • Front as-built Pyle-National “barrel” headlights
  • Forward radiator intake grilles include striping trim
  • Steam generator intake
  • “ Peacock ” hand brake stand with brake wheel
  • Rooftop mounted air tanks with cooling coil and piping
  • Canadian-style winterization hatch
  • CP passenger skirts with slots
  • Four hose M.U. clusters with silver glad-hands
  • Early coupler cut levers
  • Drop step mounted in the vertical position
  • Dual early M.U. stand with M.U. and field loop connections
  • Slotted cab steps
  • Standard battery box doors
  • Raised seam and rectangular vent on right side of nose
  • Separately applied windshield wipers
  • See through cab windows
  • Early short hood forward cab interior
  • Cab side panel with gutter
  • Mirrors/wind deflectors mounted fore of cab side windows
  • Nathan K-3 air horn
  • Large Sinclair antenna
  • 1200+1200 gallon fuel tank
  • Rd#s #8506 & 8512: Later scheme with script lettering
  • Rd#s #8487 & 8495: Earlier scheme with block lettering. No steam generator. Standard air tanks & skirts.
HO BlackStone Models
Blackstone models has announced two new HOn3 locomotives, a K-28 Mikado and a K-36 Mikado. Available only with DCC and sound, there are five model each in varying herald. Estimated MSRP is $ ???.??9 US$ and is subject to change. Delivery expected in 202?.

The project is delayed until - 202?.

Please see: Blackstone for details.

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