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Renovation Progress and General News

This page includes postings from June 2010 to date.
See: Pre Move for postings from before the move
or Early 2010 for postings from the move to the end of June 2010
or Current news for postings from start of 2013 to now.

December 6, 2012
Today we have bars on our front doors. Unobtrusive but enough to make it very difficult to smash through the front door glass before the police arrive.
Bars on the front door from
As you can see they are not very visible from outside.

Bars on the front door
from inside.
Of course they are more visible from inside but they are still unobtrusive.
December 5, 2012
The broken new glass door has been replaced.
SPAM from Central Hobbies.
One of our suppliers was hacked and their contact list obtained.
Now spammers are sending out E-Mails that appear to come from our address. Spam is coming from every address that was in the suppliers contact list. Despite having our email address on the spam, it is not from us.
November 29, 2012
The new glass door if (temporarily) installed. We also have a modified door lock that requires a key to get out.
Still to come are bars on the inside of the door.
November 14, 2012
Trains 2012 has passed into history. It was a trying year for the show committee but they still managed to present a great show.

At this time there is no committee to run Trains 2013 so we do not know if there will be a Trains 2013 next year. Many rumours were flying around at the show but I do not know how solid many of them are. There does need to be a November event of some kind. We will see what happens in the new year.
November 6, 2012
Third time and still not lucky!

Monday morning there was yet another attempt to smash in our front door and get into the store. They did succeed in making a hole through both panes of glass but the police were here before they got any further. Unfortunately they got away.

So after the glass is replaced, bars will be put on the front door. Time to pursue the idea of a motion sensitive camera on the front door.
October 19, 2012
The street parking in front of the store is Two-Hour Enforced parking.
You can park in the lot at the west end of the building or behind the building. You can use stalls 1 through 20.
October 16, 2012
The Chilliwack 2012 show has passed. It was a good show. Despite rumours that they would be moving due to greatly increased facility fees it looks like they will be back at the same location next years. Seems the facility managers realized that the fee increases were too high when almost all the shows went away.
October 9, 2012
Trees are wonderful unless they hide your store sign. For the last few years the young trees planted in front of the store have been growing up and hiding our store sign from passers by. This week the city came by and trimmed them. Now our sign is visible again.
July 17, 2012
The PGE 100th Anniversary Convention was this last weekend in Squamish at the WCRA Railway Heritage Park. It was a good convention with a Great Banquet. We had a good time there. The Convention Organizers are to be congratulated on organizing a Great event.
June 5, 2012
The 2012 inventory night has passed. It was a long but fruitful evening. Our thanks to everybody who came and helped: AM, BL, CD(1), DS, EM, GG, GW(1), GM(1), GW(2), GK, GM(2), JG, JL, MM, NR, RM, TJ(1), TJ(2), CD(2), F, GM(3), MM and not to forget Monkey.
May 28, 2012
Ron Keith April 15, 1931 - May 28, 2012
Memorial service on Saturday, June 9th at 11:00 a.m. at St. Andrew's Anglican Church in Langley
May 22, 2012
The 2012 inventory is fast approaching. Rather that count it we may delay a few shipments until after the Inventory in June.
March 29, 2012
Another break-in attempt.
Front Door
4:30 this morning someone attempted to break in again with the same results as last time - a mess and plywood on our door for a few days.

Otherwise it is business as usual.

I wonder of this person understands that there is nothing easily convertible to cash in the store and we talk to all the other stores so they will know what is stolen and let us know if it shows up there.
Time to put video surveillance on the front door again. We had it in the old store when we had a rash of break-in attempts many years ago.
March 13, 2012
Front Door
Impatient Customer Attempts to shop while were are closed.

Late Saturday night somebody attempted to break into Central Hobbies. They tried to smash out the glass in the front door. If they had bothered to look closely they would have noticed that it was a double pane window. All they succeeded in doing was smashing the outer pane and making a mess. The result is we will have some plywood in our door until the window is replaced and a bill for repair to pay.

Otherwise it is business as usual.
January 26, 2011
John French - January 29, 1945 - January 23, 2012. - . His obituary can be found at: John French
November 27, 2011
2011 Grey Cup Logo
November 18, 2011
We have a new rack from Midwest products. It was 'fun' to move in and set up. When it is fixed and stocked it will have MidWest: Balsa Wood, Bass Wood, Dowels and Plywood..
November 15, 2011
Trains 2011 is now history. It was a good show for us.
Speaking as the chair, it was a bear this year. Too many problems to deal with. Still we managed it.
September 30, 2011
Our new neighbor, DeSerres is now open.
August 19, 2011
There will be a bit more chaos than usual tomorrow (Saturday the 20th). We are moving our main display case and bringing in a new one. We will now be able to display the majority of the brass we have for sale as well as better display other products. It shouldn't take too long for the movers to bring in the new cabinet.
August 12, 2011
Renovations have started next door as a result some of the noise and mess we suffered through in the old store is back with us. Happily they are doing most of the noisy work in the morning before we open and parking has not been impacted. DeSerres now shows as opening in the Fall.
June 17, 2011
As noted on our home page our new neighbour will be DeSerres. We regard them as an excellent fit as a neighbour and look forward to their store opening in September.
March 30, 2011
Jason Shron is coming to Central Hobbies, Tuesday June 28, 2011 from 5pm to 8pm to show pre production models of the "CANADIAN".
March 28, 2011
The show on Sunday in Nanaimo was a great show! We had a good time and met many good people. We will be back in 2012. Ken Rutherford and his helpers are to be congratulated for putting on a great show.
March 27, 2011
Contrary to rumours being spread CN-Sig paint is in good supply. We have all colours in stock.
Feb 17, 2011
Lance Camp passed away yesterday from another stroke. Details as we learn them. His memorial service will at the Chan Centre Saturday April 2, 2011.
Feb 17, 2011
Talking with MicroEngineering today they informed us that the mould for HO Scale Code 55 flex track is broken. It will be a year or more before the mould is replaced so we will not see any HO Scale code 55 flex track for a year or more.
Feb 15, 2011
It has been a while since I posted here so there are a few things to note.

Jan 24 passed by without note. Has it really been a year since we moved?

The 2011 Canadian Trackside Guide has arrived.

For Digitrax users it is the Empresses Birthday today.

After just over a year with concrete floors and no problems, our floor was christened today with our first broken bottle of paint. The name of the fumble-fingered customer shall be kept secret but we know who they are.
January 6, 2011
 Model Power FigureMissing, presumed kidnaped, Model Power Joe. His domicile, package P/N 5724 is empty.
We can only assume that someone took him home without paying.
I hope that they enjoy him.
January 4, 2011
Happy New Year- Well we made it through another year. I hope everybody had a good safe New years.

The first new item of 2011 is: "Canadian Rail" magazine, Issue No. 539, Nov/Dec 2010 for $ 9.98
December 28, 2010
As 2010 draws to a close it is time to pause a moment and remember those who left us this year.
Phil Pool, Gib Cavaghan, Guy Brooke, Burc Cander, Peter Anthony and John Maughan are a few of the people who are no longer with us.
On a late note we have just been informed that Alex Little passed away late November.
November 15, 2010
There is an instore Athearn Sale .
All in stock Athearn Locomotives and Cars. HO or N Scale (even O) are 10% off.
The Sale does not apply to Athearn train sets.
Fox Valley N Scale Rolling stock 10% off. Other in store specials.
Drop by and check it our. In store shopping only.
November 15, 2010
One Month to Christmas. . . Sorry didn't mean to startle you. < G >
We have everything for the model railroader.
If you do not know what to get them, buy them a gift certificate and let them choose what they want.
November 15, 2010
Winter has reared its head again and it still Fall! If this Fall what will Winter be like. The snow sure makes the world look pretty but it can be a pain to drive in. Happily this is a light snow fall and the roads are a bit slushy but otherwise clear.
November 18, 2010
The next Canadian Trackside Guide will be released in January 2011.
October 6, 2010
A big job completed. The Athearn HO Scale page was way too big. It has now been split into five separate pages. As well images have been added to some (but not all yet) products and more information as to arrival dates has been added.
  1. Athearn Assembled Products 1 to Ford
  2. Athearn Assembled products Gondola to Jindo
  3. Athearn Assembled Products Covered Hoppers
  4. Athearn Assembled Products Maxi to Tank Cars
  5. Athearn Assembled Products Box Cars
Now to start on the locomotives.
September 8, 2010
We survived another bout of road work. This is supposed to be the last road work (for now) as the final patches have been put in.

Due to possible labour problems CN has canceled the Royal Hudson trip in early October.
September 4, 2010
In case you missed the note on our home page, the 2011 Walthers HO Scale catalogs have arrived. They are priced at US List ($ 15.98) in Canadian dollars.
August 17, 2010
The road work lasted until Monday but it is all clear now. No problems for now. Of course sometime in the future they will be back to put in the permanent patches.
August 12, 2010
It looks like the "City" is going to help our business by tearing up Grandview highway again.
There will be minor road inconveniences Friday while they cut up the road. Saturday and Sunday there will be lane closures. Traffic will still be allowed through but it will be slow single lane.
Skytrain will be the best way to get here. If you are driving I would approach by Renfrew street and park on 12th behind the store. By Monday traffic should be back to normal.
August 10, 2010
Considering where this postings on this page wander sometimes I am starting to think that it should be renamed, perhaps Bill's Babble or Random thoughts from a Random Mind.

LED Strip Lighting
Yesterday (9th) as I was wandering around North Vancouver looking for a cell phone that I liked at a price I was willing to pay (no joy yet) and killing time while a mechanic performed a wallet lightening job on our mini-van, I came across a place selling LED products.
They had LED strip lighting in various colours and sizes of LEDs. I picked up two metres of warm white. It is about $ 20.00 a metre. It runs off of 12 volts ands can be cut up into three LED segments. The segments have solder pads so they can be joined together with wires. These are very bright.
I mounted the two metre length under a shelf shining on the layout on the shelf below that. At night in a darkened room with little light coming in through windows or door ways, these cast enough light to work on or run the layout by.
As well as being bright there are two other important benefits: they do not product much heat and they only use low voltage (12 Volt) power so there are few wiring safety issues.

If you are interested in the LED strip lighting the place is called:
Lights & Parts - LED Lights and Accessories
1051 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, V7P 1S6, Phone: 604-778-340-3002. Google map
August 4, 2010
File Changes
Because this file was getting a bit large, it has been split into three parts (for now).

This page Current Postings includes postings from July 2010 to date.

The file for postings from the move to the end of June 2010 is Early 2010.

See: Pre Move for postings from before the move.

Every couple of months or so a new file will be created but that's next years problem.

July 30, 2010
Ok now that you are awake, nothing much to worry about. The Big water jug on our water cooler developed a small leak and we didn't notice it until most of the jug had emptied on to the floor. A pain to clean up but no damage done. Back to the book inventory.
N Scale Circus - MicroTrains has announced a new Circus train: The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Traveling Big Top Extravaganza!. This N Scale set released monthly starting in January 2011 will consist of nine cars, a caboose and a
4-4-0 Steam locomotive. More details at: Micro-Trains Big Top
July 28, 2010
More work on the books. Everything inventoried (so far) is now online. There are three killer shelves to go and a few other locations. It doesn't help that I changed the shelf numbering system in mid inventory.
July 27, 2010
Mark from Hobbycraft put out a posting with more details on the TrueLine Trains CPR Minibox due sometime next year.
CP Minibox - The Canadian Pacific had 7500 of these 40', low height interior boxcars built for them in 1939 and 1940. They served throughout Canada and the U.S. for more than forty years, and continued on in a work service capacity for many, many more. TLT is happy to announce that we will be producing these iconic boxcars in plastic for the first time ever. Details will include: lumber doors, AB or KC brakes, Ajax or staff brake wheels, and wood or metal roof-walks as appropriate. They will also include coupler lift bars, metal couplers and separate tackboards as a few of the other additional details. Paint schemes will include CANADIAN PACIFIC block, script, 'stepped', 'Spans The World', and possibly a CP Rail work service car with icicle breakers. Many ended up in the hands of BCOL, and we are covering those, too!

Details as to road numbers and what details apply to which paint scheme will be released shortly. Although we do not have complete information on these models we are accepting reservations based on Herald .

You can see some details about the prototype at : Steam Freight Cars.com.
July 24, 2010
Now that the new book area is reorganized it is time to start rebuilding the book database. We will not have the five hundred plus titles we had before the move but we should still have a couple of hundred titles in stock. As new books arrive they go straight into the database and online. The rest of the books will be entered when the shelf inventory is finished.
July 22, 2010
The Bachmann NMRA National announcements are now online at: Bachmann Announcements . The three-truck Climax looks very interesting. As well they are now selling replacement gears and universals for the HO Scale two-truck Climax. Note that these parts are only available directly from Bachmann.
July 22, 2010
We have a new web page for the InterMountain Z Scale Grain Cars. See: InterMountain Z Scale
July 22, 2010
It has been a day for updating Trueline Trains information:
  • New pre announcement - CPR Mini Boxes in late 2011. Full details when they are released but for now what we know is at: Mini Box
  • New pre announcement - A second run of Fowler Box cars (and stock cars) with new tooling. Delivery mid 2011. See: Fowler Box Cars
  • The new delivery date for the Eight-Hatch reefers is late 2010. Details at: Eight Hatch Reefers
  • New A second run on CNR and CPR Slab Side Covered hoppers. Details at: Slab Side Hoppers
  • New pre announcement - a second run of CNR 5- Axle C-Liner B Units. Details at: C-Liner 5 Axle B Units
  • It looks like the missing CNR green 5-Axle C-Liner B Units have been found. We will have stock shortly. Details at: C-Liner 5 Axle B Units
  • MP40-3C and MP36-3C & 3S locomotives are now due mid 2011.
  • RS-18U models now due mid 2011. Details at RS-18u
  • The second run of N-Scale newsprint cars with revised tooling is getting close.
Note that there have been a few minor price changes in TLT products.
As always details and prices on TLT products subject to change without notice.
July 22, 2010
The July-August issue of the Branchline magazine has arrived. $ 4.95 + HST.
July 21, 2010
The latest 'Athearn News' is out. Announced are (HO scale unless otherwise noted):
  • Yard Tractors: CN Laser, CP rail and others.
  • 40' Youngstown Door Box Cars - ATSF: Chief, El Capitan, Grand Canyon, Scout and Super Chief. Three road numbers each.
  • 50' PS5344 Box cars: Apalachicola Northern, Chicago & North Western, Pee Dee River ( Pee Dee River Home ) and Texas Mexican . Three road numbers each.
  • 62' Tank Cars - Six BNSF Fuel tenders, some reruns.
  • 45' Containers: CMA/CGM, Dong Fang, Hapag Lloyd, Hyundai. Two three-packs each.
  • In HO and N Scales a 2-6-0 Mogul. C&O, CNR, D&RGW and SP (Daylight). Two road numbers each. DC only.
  • In HO and N scales 50' Overland Passenger Cars. C&O, CNR, D&RGW and SP (Daylight) a coach and a four-pack (Baggage/Combine, Mail Car, Coach and Business Car.)
  • Thrall Gondolas: Commonwealth Edison, FPPX, Herzog and Union Pacific. Each road name a single car and three five-packs.
  • Easter 4 Window Cabooses: CNJ, D&TS, Chessie/WM and Reading. Two road numbers each.
  • 45' Fruehauf Z-van Trailers: four road names.
  • Ford F850 Grain trucks: six colours of cab.
  • Genesis Burlington Northern F7 or F7A&B sets. One F7a and Two A&B sets. DC only or DCC and Sound.
  • In HO and N scales F45 / FP45, DC only or DCC and Sound (both scales!).
    HO - ATSF Late, GN Big Sky Blue, ATSF Pin Stripe.
    N - BN, Santa Fe Kodachrome, ATSF Super Chief and Santa Fe late freight.
Full details on the appropriate Central Hobbies web pages: Athearn Assembled Products, Athearn Advance Announcements , Athearn Locomotives Kits and Assembled , Athearn N Scale

Advance orders by mid August.
As usual we will be stocking local road names and whatever strikes our fancy. A reservation will Guarantee delivery of the models you want.
July 20, 2010
Here is some information we have gleaned from various sources about new Product Announcements at the National Train Show in Milwaukee.

Soundtraxx has announced non sound decoders for $ 19.99 US$. These have the same motor drive and motor drive code as the sound equipped decoders. This will make it easier to consist sound equipped and non sound equipped models.
July 16, 2010
Here is some information we have gleaned from various sources about new Product Announcements at the National Train Show in Milwaukee.
  • Bachmann
    • HO Scale GP9 w DCC: ATSF, B&O, CN, L&N, PRR. Est MSRP $ 89.00 US$. Delivery late 2010
    • HO scale RS3 with DCC: B&M, D&RGW, NYC, PRR, Southern, WM. Est MSRP $ 99 US$. (Don't we already have enough RS3 models?) Delivery late 2010 - early 2011.
    • For steam fans an HO scale Baldwin modern 4-4-0 steam locomotive with DCC or DCC and Sound: GNR, L&N, SCL, Southern, Undecorated Black. Est MSRP $ 300 US$, $ 445 US$ DCC and Sound. Delivery late 2010.
    • For logging fans to complement the three-truck shay and two-truck climax an HO scale three-truck Climax: Cass, Clear Lake Lumber Co., Climax Demo, Moore-Keppel, Unlettered Black. Est MSRP $ 350 US$ or $ 495 US$ with sound. Delivery Late 2010.
    • For traction fans - an HO scale Single-truck Birney safety streetcar with DCC: Baltimore, New York & Queens, Philaphelphia, Sacramento, and Third Avenue Railway System. Est MSRP $160 US$. Delivery late 2010.
    • For N scalers (and HOn30 modellers) an N scale Baldwin 4-6-0 steam locomotive with DCC: C&NW, NYC, Southern Ry. (green with gold stripes), UP, and unlettered black. Est MSRP $150 US$. Delivery late 2010.
    • An N scale GP9 with DCC: B&O, Chessie System, Clinchfield, NYC, PRR, UP. Est MSRP$99. Delivery late 2010.
    • As predicted by a local modeller as soon as he figured out how to make a 70 Tonner out of their existing 44 tonner an N scale GE 70-tonner with DCC: Bethlehem Steel, L&N, SP, Pinted unlettered (red, green, yellow, black and yellow and black. Est MSRP $115 US$. Delivery late 2010.
    • Bachmann has announced Cityscenes building kits. I do not know if this is a re release of the city buildings they had years ago. Ambassador Hotel, Bus Station, Department Store, Metropolitan Building, Savings & Loan, Trade Tower, and Variety Store. Prices from $79 US$ to $ 119 US$. Delivery third to fourth quarter 2010.
    • Bachmann has announced a Motorized turntable indexed for 16 positions. It is supposed to work with DC and DCC. Supposed to be adaptable for On30. Estimated MSRP $140. Delivery Late 2010. More details as to size, etc. they are announced.
    • On30 Porter 0-4-2T and 0-4-0T steam locomotives with DCC. Est MSRP $ 150 US$ DCC or $ $ 275 US$ DCC and Sound. Delivery late 2010.
    • N scale Peter Witt streetcar. Baltimore Transit Co., Brooklyn & Queens Transit, Chicago Surface Lines, Los Angeles Ry., St. Louis Ry., and Toronto. DCC. Estimated MSRP $ 140 US$. Delivery late 2010.
  • For you Marklin Fans:
    • An HO scale Pennsylvania RR class L-1 Mikado steam engine. Pennsylvania RR class L-1 Mikado freight locomotive. MFX digital sound decoder. Estimated MSRP $650 US$. Delivery time frame unknown.
    • An HO scale Pennsylvania F7 A-B-A draw bar connected diesel locomotive set. MFX digital sound decoder. Estimated MSRP $890 US$. Delivery time frame unknown.
    • American Freight 10-car set. Two boxcars, two stock cars, three hoppers, two tank cars and a caboose. Estimated MSRP $ 550 US$. No comment. Delivery date unknown.
  • Walthers
    • An HO scale E8 DCC or DC. PRR (Broadway Limited). Price TBA. Delivery 3rd quarter 2010.
    • An HO scale F3 (AB or A only), DCC or DC only. ATSF passenger Warbonnet. The info does not indicate DCC with sound but the price is in the range. More details to follow. MSRP from $170 US$ (single DC A unit) to $ 460 (DCC A&B set) Delivery late 2010/early 2011.
    • HO scale Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief passenger cars. Nine cars fro MSRP $ 60 US$ to $ 75 US$. Delivery monthly from October 2010 to May 2011.
    • HO Scale 1956 Pennsylvania RR Broadway Limited passenger train. Prices TBA. Delivery January 2011 and monthly following.
  • BLMA HO scale and N scale Trinity 64-foot refrigerator boxcar. UP.
  • Tangent Scale Models HO scale American Car & Foundry, 52'-6" welded, 70-ton drop-end gondola.
  • Bar Mills Scale Model Works HO scale American Seltzer Co. kit Laser-cut wood with cast-resin and cast-metal details. MSRP $144.95. US$.
  • City Classics HO scale rooftop business sign kits. Three sets (twenty signs each) MSRP $ 15 US$ a set.
  • Sylvan Scale Models
    • HO scale 1947 streamlined beer truck kit. $ 44.95.
    • HO scale 1946 Chevy sedan kits: Two-door Chevy Aerosedan and four-door Chevy Fleetline sedan. $13.95 each.
    • HO scale 1941-47 Chevy cab-over-engine truck kits Highway tractor or cab and chassis, $15.95; with dump body, stake body, or gas tank, $19.95.
  • Tomar Dolbeer steam donkey kit. $32.50 US$.
  • Con-Cor
    • N scale General Electric U50 diesel locomotive
    • N scale Union Pacific gas-turbine locomotive with tender
    • A new N Scale coupler system.
  • DCC (From companies that know how to do DCC and we will stock. Other companies have announced DCC products but we will only bring them in by order.)
    • NCE - Power Pro Digital Command Control throttles. Four-digit light-emitting diode display, support for 29 functions, up to six recalls, and support for individual accessories and macros. Model CAB06 (tethered), $99.95; CAB06r (wireless), $189.95. August 2010.
    • TCS - Drop-in Digital Command Control decoders. Model LL8 is an eight-function drop-in decoder for Life-Like P2K. Model EU621 is a six-function plug-and-play 21-pin decoder.
And many more announcements.
July 16, 2010
The store N Scale layout is now up and running smoothly. We now need a name for the layout. With the equipment currently running on it you would think that it is the 'Lake Central' but that is the private road name of one of our customers.
 Front of Store N Scale Layout

 Backside of Store N Scale Layout
July 10, 2010
We now share a sign in the West parking lot. Nice to have more visibility. Not as good as the old awning .
July 9, 2010
The first news to trickle out in advance of the NMRA National in Milwaukee next week is from InterMountain. They are entering Z-Scale with their Canadian Cylindrical Trough hatch Covered Hopper. Eleven paint schemes will be released. Should be as big a winner as it was in HO and N Scales. The HO Scale Canadian Cylindrical Trough Hatch Covered Hopper was the first product they released back in 1992.
July 7, 2010
Well Summer has finally arrived in all its Hot Glory.
Makes you appreciate an air conditioned store.
July 6, 2010
The parking spaces in the lane and parking lot are now lined and numbered.

We do not yet know what numbers are going to be available to us but I suspect if you park in spots one to fifteen, you will be OK.
The entrance to the parking in the back is from the West lot.
July 1, 2010
A Black Day for BC, HST has arrived.
Previous Postings
See: Early 2010 for postings before this.

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