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Renovation Progress and News

This page includes all postings from before the move. See: Early 2010 for postings from the move to the end of June 2010
or Current News for more postings.

More Current Postings
See: Early 2010 for the next batch of postings.

Everything before the move
January 22, 2010
We start moving this Sunday the 24th. We have been packing for the last few days and have barely made a dent in the store. Going to be a busy day Sunday.
January 21, 2010
So what is the move going to do to the operation of the store?
Things will be very chaotic for a while. It will take a few weeks to get organized.
We will be staying open as much as we can during the move. Orders will be taken but expect delays in shipping.
January 20, 2010
A new address means a new CPR Steam Locomotive.
Here is a picture of our new namesake. Picture courtesy of GTC Collectibles. Used with permission.
 CPR Hudosn 2825
January 19, 2010
Another week, more delay. So the 20th is out, now maybe the weekend. All going well Sunday the 24th is going to be a busy day. So will all the days of the following week as we finish the move and try to get the new store setup.
January 12, 2010
Well my guess as to the move not being the weekend of the 17th looks to be correct. The store should be ready in the following week so the move may start mid week..
January 7, 2010
As of today it looks like we will be moving in the next two weeks. The move might start the weekend of the 17th but I think that it will be the weekend after.
January 6, 2010
This is how we hope the outside of the store will look (not including the boarded up window of course).

New Store Exterior
Progress is being made. The plywood panel is not covering a broken window. The window opening was not measured right so the window did not fit.

New Store Exterior
December 24, 2009
The MOVE: The move will be perfectly planned and come of without a hitch. . . . Now that everybody has had a good laugh, the reality is that we will be in a greater state of confusion than usual for a few weeks. We will be open for sales and to take orders during all of this. I expect order shipping to be delayed for a week or two. More details as we know them.
December 19, 2009
It is hard to believe that behind this poster covered hoarding a new store is taking shape.

New Store Exterior
And here is the proof. Construction in the interior. The mezzanine storage area is in (but the stairwell has yet to be built). The building utility room is roughed in. Still a lot to do but it is now recognizable as a useable store space.

New Store Interior
December 18, 2009
Still no firm date as to when we move but it will be next year, for sure, maybe.

Progress is being made on the new location. Projected completion is the end of the year or very early next year. That would make the date of the move early to mid January, maybe.

Stay tuned for more details.
December 3, 2009
Well the rumours are true - Tiger Woods is pregnant with Elvis's Love Child. Remember you heard it here first.

Seriously a move is in our future. The current plan is to move 83 feet West to the location we were located in, in 1995. The projected new address is 2825 Grandview Highway. Same postal code. No change to phone numbers or email addresses. As the new location is in the centre of the building both parking lots (east end and west end) are useable.

When is the move happening? We don't know. It is supposed to happen before the end of the year but the new location is a long way from being ready to occupy.
We should have enough advance notice to advertise it properly.

We expect to be closed for most of a week while we move. We will need help with the move. There will be a sale of stuff that we do not want to move.

To reduce the inventory that we have to move, we have several in store sales on various product lines now. Please note that the sales do not apply to special orders, brass or holds.

Stay tuned for more details.
November 5, 2009
The latest problem involves the demolition in the centre of the building. The fumes from the Bob Cat exhaust they are using to remove the concrete debris are permeating the building. We have to flush the air in the store the first thing in the morning. Not too bad after that. Of course the dumpster occupying three parking spots is a bit of a bother, but remember that there is parking at the other end of the building as well.
October 30, 2009
The centre of the building is gutted. Some reconstruction has started.
September 5, 2009
I had not noticed the lights before. I need to come by and get a night picture.

New Lights on Building
August 28, 2009
The sign on the back of the store is going away. Here is the last image of the sign as it is being covered by the new mural.

Last image of the sign on the back of the store.
This is the new mural. Not too shabby.
Left end of the new mural on the back of the
store. Part of the new mural on the back of the
August 25, 2009
Much of the upper half of the building is now covered in glass. Doesn't look too bad.

Side of the building showing glass.
August 15, 2009
Much has happened in the last month or so. The scaffolding went away (a bit late). The building was covered (mostly) in a Blue waterproofing material. Installation of the support grid for the windows and siding has started. Windows have been installed. Installation of the panels for the upper building covering have started.
This side view of the building shows the Blue waterproofing material and the support grid.
Side of the building showing support grid and
water proofing covering. East side of building.
This front view of the building shows the installation of the first finishing panels.
Front of the building showing the first
finishing panels. Front of Building with new panels.
May 9, 2009
Proper scaffolding has been installed. It should be gone by the second week of June. We will see.
Store with new scaffolding New Scaffolding started.
May 7, 2009
After a week of relative quiet, proper scaffolding is being installed. It does infringe on the security door a bit but not enough to impede access to the store.
Store with new scaffolding New Scaffolding started.
April 29, 2009
Interior work on the rest of the building continues but nothing is happening to the exterior. Parking on the east side of the building is OK although a large bin is blocking one and a half parking spots.
Friday April 24, 2009
Comedy - Today the city informed the contractors that there must be five feet of clearance on the sidewalk. Down comes the scaffolding while they decide what to do now.

Store Image after removal of
scaffolding Central Hobbies building today.
Wednesday April 22, 2009
Today Banners were put up on the scaffolding showing we are open.

Store Image Central Hobbies from the East.
Tuesday April 21, 2009
Today scaffolding is up covering the front of the store and most of the East side. Doesn't look like there is an open store here. Will have to do something about that. Parking on the east end of the building is constricted. You are permitted to park at the West end of the building.
Monday April 20, 2009
A Black day for Central Hobbies, the long threatened renovations have begun. Our awning is now history. Parking will be impacted. As well there will be changes in the store. Much bother will ensue over the next three to four months. Updates will be posted as the renovations progress. It is hoped that there will be no store closings but we will see what transpires.
Store Image

Central Hobbies as it was.
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