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Resin Model Kits
British Columbia Electric Railway HO Scale kits by Glen MacGregor
These are now on the
 MacGregor resin
MacGregor Resin Kits Page
Kits from Funaro & Camerlengo

Part Number Description Price:
CNR Eight Hatch Reefers
  • 5130 - Dreadnaught Ends for $ 36.99
  • 5131 - Improved Dreadnaught Ends
  • 5132 - Plug Door
  • 5133 - Hinged Door with NSC Ends
  • 5134 - Plug Door with Improved Dreadnaught Ends
CNR and Affiliates Kits
5130 CN 8 Hatch Reefer $ 36.40
6450 CN Slab Side Hopper, 113170-113269 With Decals $ 36.40
$ 25.99
Other Kits
Trolley 3rd Avenue Trolley Car Load. Less Trolley Pole, Wheels & decals Sale
$ 44.99
6880 Shippers Car Line Corp. Phosphate-Fertilizer Covered Hopper - with decals Sale
$ 34.99

Kits from Sylvan Scale Models

The number of Sylvan Models we carry has increased so we now have a Sylvan Models page: See the Sylvan Models Web Page for an incomplete listing of what we have in stock.

Norwest Kits

Part Number Description Price:
xxx From time to time we get Norwest Kits on trade in. They will be listed here.

We reserve the right to correct errors and change prices without prior notice. Please note that page updates are done as time permits. Page contents may lag behind store stock. If there are any cars you are particularly interested in, please E-Mail us or give us a call.

Inventoried - September 29, 2015 - - Update - November 16, 2016

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