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Links of Interest


West Coast Railway Museum

The West Coast Railway Association Museum in Squamish is well worth visiting.

The Royal Hudson is at the WCRA Park in Squamish.

Prince George Rail Museum

Train Rides

The West Coast Railway Association run a series of Rail Tours throughout the year. Check their site for details.

Digitrax Digital Command Control

Digitrax manufactures one of the finest lines of Digital Command Control (DCC) products made in the USA. Central Hobbies stocks the full line of Digitrax Equipment. Please drop by the store for a Demo. If you wish, we can visit your club for an on-site demo.

Lenz manufactures one of the finest lines of Digital Command Control (DCC) products made. Central Hobbies stocks Lenz DCC Equipment. Please drop by the store for a Demo.

North Coast Engineering Digitrax manufactures an advanced DCC system. Central Hobbies stocks the NCE DCC Equipment. Please drop by the store for a Demo.

Prototype sites

Rail America


CDN Toy Train
Association  The Canadian Toy Train Association has held monthly meetings since March 1974 and serves about 100 members. We are an independent non-affiliated Canadian train club specializing in toy trains - mainly American Flyer, Lionel, Marx and MTH. We hold regular monthly meetings in Burnaby, B.C. (a suburb of Vancouver) on the last Sunday of each month except July, August, and December at George Rummel Recreation Centre, at 3630 Lozelle Street, Burnaby. Please visit their Web Site for additional information.

Central Hobbies stocks the special run cars produced by the Canadian Toy Train Association.
See the BCSME (British Columbia Society of Model Engineers) web site for information on the club and the site.
Free-Mo. There is as yet no Vancouver Free-mo group but there are rumblings (Slo-Mo because they can't get their act together).
The closest Free-Mo group to the Lower Mainland is Coldslap Free-mo, based in Chilliwack. After several years of travelling to events in other locales, this year (2013) they held their first Free-mo setup in Chilliwack. This is expected to become an annual event, to be held each June. Any module owner with a tested and proven module is welcome to partake in the event.
The Mainland Modular Railway Society has a modular layout built to modified NMRA HO Scale Standards.
See the Greater Vancouver Garden Railway Club Web Pages for information about Garden railways in the lower Mainland.
Train Gang See the Train Gang Web Pages for information about the Train Gang. The club has 30+ N-Trak modules.
TT-Tracks See the TT- Tracks web pages for information about the TT-Scale mini module system.

National Model Railroad Association

NMRA The NMRA Home Site has links to pages covering standards, manufacturers web sites, protoype, historical and other sites of interest to model railroaders.

PNR 7th Division National Model Railroad Association

PNR PNR The 7th Division Web Site contains information about the 7th Division of the PNR (Pacific Northwest Region) of the NMRA (National Model Railway Association) .

NMRA Canada

PNR The National Model Railroad Association Canada handles Canadian NMRA memberships. Dues are now much lower ($ 20.00 Cdn) with a choice of extra fare newsletters or magazines.

For information contact Don Hillman Registrar NMRA Canada or download a registration form here .

Distributers and Manufacturers

This is a list of Distributers and Manufacturers whose products we carry in the store. Please note that the list is far from complete and in many cases we don't carry their complete line of products.

Manufacturer Their Web Site
Scale Our Web Page Stock Status
Where no local Central Hobbies web page is listed, you can assume that we stock some of the products from that manufacturer and can order anything for you.
Accurail Accurail
HO Accurail Many Stocked
A-Line/Proto Power West A-Line/Proto Power West
HO No Local Page Parts and weights Stocked
American Model Builders American Model Builders
HO No Local Page Some kits stocked.
Aristo-Craft Trains Aristo-Craft Trains
Athabasca Scale Models Products Athabasca Scale Models Products
HO No local page. Some Stocked. All can be ordered.
Athearn Athearn
HO Athearn Genesis Some stocked.
HO Athearn Assembled Models

Products are sorted Alphabetically by ARR Car Type or Description:
Page 1 - This page covers: 1 to Ford
Page 2 - Page 2 covers: Gondola to Jindo
Page 3 - Page 3 covers: Covered Hoppers(AAR Code LO..)
Page 4 - Page 4 covers: Maxi to Tank Cars
Page 5 - Page 5 covers: Box Cars (AAR Code XM)

Some stocked.
HO Athearn Locomotive Kits Shrinking stock
HO Athearn Freight & Passenger Kits Shrinking stock.
Web page in progress.
HO Athearn Parts and such A good stock.
N Locomotives, Trucks and other items. A small stock.
Atlas Atlas
HO CH Atlas HO Many Stocked
N CH Atlas N Many Stocked
Bachmann USA Bachmann
HO CH Bachmann Many Stocked
N CH Bachmann Some Stocked
Brawa Brawa
Broadway Limited Broadway Limited
HO CH Broadway Limited Some Stocked. Most supplied by order.
BRMNA Publications BRMNA
Books Many titles stocked.
Bytown Railway Society Bytown Railway Society
Books The Trackside Guide and other titles stocked.
Books All pages are being worked on.
Canadian Branchline Miniatures Books Canadian Branchline Miniatures
All in print titles stocked.
Centerline Track Cleaners Centerline Products
City Classics City Classics
Con-Cor Con-Cor
HO and N No Local Page Passenger cars stocked.
Design Preservation Models Design Preservation Models
All Scales No local page. Full line stocked in all scales.
Digitrax DCC Digitrax
All Scales Digitrax DCC We are a full line Digitrax dealer.
Our staff have been to the Digitrax training seminars.
Eastern Car Works Eastern Car Works
Faller Structures Faller
Fast Tracks
Turnout construction jigs and supplies.
Fast Tracks
All Scales Our Resellers Site We are a Fast Tracks reseller as well as stocking some of their products.
Our staff use the Turnout Construction kits.
GHQ N and HO scale vehicle kits GHQ
Gold Medal Models Gold Medal Models
Grant Line Grandt Lines Products
All Scales Many Parts Stocked in all Scales
Greg Scholl Videos Greg Scholl Videos
Videos Videos Many Stocked
Heljan Heljan
Herpa Herpa
InterMountain Railway Co. InterMountain Railway Co.
HO InterMountain Many Stocked
N InterMountain Many Stocked
Kadee Kadee
All Couplers in all Scales stocked.
HO Kadee freight cars Some stocked.
Kaslo Shops Distributing Kaslo Shops
HO and N Scales Kaslo Many Stocked
Kato Kato USA
N Kato N Scale Many Stocked
HO Kato HO Many Stocked
Lenz DCC Lenz DCC
All Scales Lenz DCC We are a Lenz Service Dealer
Life-Like Life-Like Products

The takeover of Life-Like by Walthers has not affected the supply of product. If anything it has improved the availability of the product.

Proto 2000 Diesel Diesel
Many Stocked
Proto 2000 Steam Steam
Many Stocked
Proto 2000 Freight Freight Cars Declining stock. This line has been taken over by Walthers.
Proto 1000 Proto 1000 Declining stock. This line has been taken over by Walthers. Some old Proto 1000 products are now True-Line Trains products.
Marklin Marklin USA
We stock very little Marklin. We can get anything in the current catalogues. If it is in stock at the North American Distributer we can have it in under two weeks.
Marklin Mini-Club Marklin Mini-Club
Microscale HO, N and O scale decals Microscale
HO No Local Page Many Decals Stocked
N No Local Page Many Decals Stocked
O No Local Page Some Decals Stocked
Micro-Trains Line Co. Micro-Trains Line Co.
N and Z Scales and HOn3 N Scale freight cars, Locomotives, , couplers, conversion kits and parts.
Miniatronics Miniatronics
All Scales We stock many Miniatronics Products
Model Die Casting Model Die Casting
HO and N Scales Declining Stock

Hobby Horizons has taken over Model Die Casting.
We have been informed that most of the MDC kits are being discontinued. Some are now coming out under Athearn Numbers.

NCE DCC North Coast Engineering DCC
All Scales NCE DCC We are an NCE DCC Dealer
Peco Peco
HO 100 We stock many Peco Code 100 HO track products.
HO 83 We stock the full line of the new Peco Code 83 HO track products.
HO 75 We stock a few Peco Code 75 HO track products. All available by order with delivery usually a week.
N 80 We stock the full line of Peco Code 80 N scale track products.
N 55 We stock the full line of Peco Code 55 N scale track products.
Pentrex Pentrex
. DVDs Increasing Stock
Plastruct Plastruct
Rix Products / Pikestuff Rix Products/Pikestuff
Rustall Rustall
Stewart Hobbies Stewart Hobbies
SoundTraxx SoundTraxx
HO SoundTraxx Some Stocked
Sylvan Scale Models Sylvan Scale Models
HO and N Sylvan Scale models Some Items Stocked
Testors Testors
HO and N Trains canada Many Stocked
Vollmer Vollmer
Walthers Walthers
HO Walthers Passenger Cars
Walthers Freight cars
Walthers Other Products
Many items stocked
Woodland Scenics Woodland Scenics
All We stock the full line of Woodland Scenics scenery and Subterrain products.

Updated March 6, 2014

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