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Other Scales

Although Central Hobbies stocks mostly HO Scale and N Scale items, we do carry products in O, S, Z and G scales. While we do not stock these scales as extensively as HO or N scale, we will be glad to special order any available items for you. We are TT-Scale friendly.

O Scale Models

Central Hobbies has a modest selection of O Scale and three rail O Scale products.

Three rail Equipment

Lionel Logo
We stock a modest (and growing) amount of Lionel Products.
We stock some Lionel O27 and O Scale track. This is getting difficult to get.
We have a good stock of FasTrack.
6-30218 We have the Lionel Lion Chief Remote Polar Express Train set in stock Lionel Polar Express Train
Set $ 580.49 CND$
6-34645 Lionel CNR F3A Locomotive Set  CNR F3A-A Set $ 739.99 CDN$
6-34648 Lionel CNR F3B Locomotive  CNR F3B $ 399.99 CDN$
Take both the CNR F3A-A set and the F3B unit for $ 1099.00 CND$.
6-28473 Lionel GNR Early Era Inspection Vehicle  $ 134.99 CDN$
6-28262 Lionel UP Heritage WP SD070ACEe GNR Diesel Locomotive  $ 549.99 CDN$
We have a growing selection of new and used Atlas, Williams, Weaver, MTH and K-Line
Atlas O Scale
We have a few Atlas cars, more by order and a bit of their track, again more by order.
Atlas O Scale Trainman Logo

Williams Logo
21834 Williams/Bachmann SD-90 N-S Heritage -Reading, Rd# 1067  $ 299.99 CDN$
21834 Williams/Bachmann Pennsylvania EP-5 Rectifier, Green 5 Stripe  $ 199.95 CDN$
40001 Williams/Bachmann Southern Pacific GS4 4-8-4.  $ 449.99 CDN$
43351 Williams(TM) by Bachmann, CPR Heavyweights 4-Car Passenger Set (72'Scale) Includes: Baggage, 2 Pullmans, & Observation Car .  $ 399.99 CDN$
23907 Williams(TM) by Bachmann, TTC Peter Witt Street Car.  $ 224.99 CDN$
40209 Williams(TM) by Bachmann, CPR Hudson.  $ 499.99 CDN$
Weaver Logo
K2518-1907 CPR F7B Dummy  $ 299.99 CDN$
The special run O Scale CPR F7B unit is a limited edition exclusive to Trestles-n-Trains. It is designed to run with the Canadian Pacific F-7 A-A set (road numbers 1421 and 1423) in the K-Line 2001 and 2002 catalogs. The unit is equiped with wiring harness and smoke unit.
CND Toy Train Assn Logo
We have a selection of current Canadian Toy Train Association models.
We have a modest selection of O scale buildings and accessories.

Two-Rail Equipment

Lionel Logo
Atlas O Scale
Atlas O Scale Trainman Logo

Williams Logo
Weaver Logo
CND Toy Train Assn Logo
We have a selection of current Canadian Toy Train Association models.
San Juan Car Company
88006 UTLX Framed Tank Car On3/On30 Rd# 88006  $ 96.99 CDN$


Kaslo Shops makes a CN/Go Transit Wide/Safety Cab kit. See the Kaslo Shops page for more details.

We have a modest selection of O scale buildings (Walthers and others) , parts and accessories. We stock Kadee O scale couplers.

On30 Narrow Gauge Page

Central Hobbies has a New On30 page at: On30.

S Scale Models

New S Scale Page

Central Hobbies has a New S Scale page at: S Scale.

Z Scale Models

Central Hobbies carries Z Scale products from Micro-Trains® (Cars, Flex Track and occasionally Train Sets), and Peco. Marklin products may be ordered.
We carry 'Ztrack' magazine and have a few 'American Z Line' products.

Z-Scale has been moved to: Z-Scale

TT Scale

Very occasionally Central Hobbies has TT-Scale product in stock.
Bill is a TT-Nut.

For all things TT-Scale see the TT-Nut Web Site
Download a TT-Scale handout here .

Updated December 2, 2015

Please note that with our fluctuating dollar, prices on newly received products may not match what is on our web pages. Web pages are updated as time permits and thus Web page prices and availability may lag behind current stock.

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