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Products of Note
Here we mention a few products that we think deserve a little more attention.

Books and other Paper Products

A few special books and other printed items.

Publisher Title Image Price
Sundance Articulated Steam Locomotives of North America by Robert A. Le Massena.
Hardcover, signed, numbered # 255, first edition.
Articulated Steam Locomotives of N A $ 150.00
Gazette Publications The Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette - Issue #1 Issue #1 of the Narrow Gauge and
Short Line Gazette $ 50.00

Scratch Build models and other stuff

A collection of HO Scale Bridges and other items have arrived.

Description Image Price
Six Stall Round House - Dual Heljan  Roundhouse $ 125.00 Cdn$
Covered Bridge  Covered Bridge $ 80.00 Cdn$
 Covered Bridge
Snow Shed 2  Show Shed 2 $ 55.00 Cdn$
 Show Shed 2 bottom
Bridal Vale Falls Trestle  Bridal Vale Falls $ 225.00 Cdn$
Stoney Creek Bridge
- Original Wood Trestle - 87" long
 Stoney Creek Bridge A very impressive model.
Would be the show case of any layout. Please note that as the bridge is not stored setup like this, the bridge supports have been photoshopped into the correct locations.
$ 750.00 Cdn$
Curved Trestle  Curved Trestle Made from wood dowel and balsa wood. Hot Glued together. Glue strings need to be cleaned up. $ 125.00 Cdn$
Steel Arch Bridge - Balsa Wood  Steel Arch Bridge $ 90.00 Cdn$
Mixed trestle  Mixed Trestle $ 100.00 Cdn$
Lux-Modellbau - Wheel Cleaning  Lux-Modellbau - Wheel Cleaning $ 180.00 Cdn$

Models by Jake

As well as N-Scale Loads, Jake makes HO and N-Scale models of Snow Melters. CNR, CPR and UP models are available.

Manufacturer Part
Description Image Price
MBJ HO-CNR HO Scale CNR Snow Melter  HO Scale CNR Snow melter $ 350.00 Cdn$
MBJ HO-CPR HO Scale CPR Snow Melter  HO Scale CPR Snow melter $ 350.00 Cdn$
MBJ HO-UP HO Scale Union Pacific Snow Melter  HO-Scale CNR Snow melter $ 350.00 Cdn$
MBJ N-CNR N-Scale CNR Snow Melter  N-Scale CNR Snow melter $ 250.00 Cdn$
MBJ N-CPR N-Scale CPR Snow Melter  N-Scale CPR Snow melter $ 250.00 Cdn$
MBJ N-UP N-Scale Union Pacific Snow Melter  N-Scale UP Snow melter $ 250.00 Cdn$

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Updated - April 10, 2018

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