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Central Hobbies Special Services

Central Hobbies has many special services for our customers.

Estate Sales

Should you be in the unhappy position of having to dispose of an estate collection, we can help you. We will buy, sell on consignment or advise you as to the best course to dispose of the estate. For a fee we will advise you on the best way to dispose of an estate. If we are purchasing part or all of the estate the fee may be waived.

Consignment Sales

We do consignment sales on brass models. As the brass market is not very active we have changed our policies on brass.

We test the models and take pictures of them and post them on our Brass web page.
If there are minor repairs that we feel will make the model more saleable, we with either do them if they are inexpensive or contact you about having them done. In either case the cost of the repairs will be deducted from the final sale price.
We will suggest a price that we think the model will sell for in a reasonable time frame. If you want a higher price we will list it for what you want.
If there are counter offers from prospective buyers we will contact you about them.
After we have had the models on our web site for some time we will contact you about lowering the price.
As of September 2012, there is a $ 10.00 listing fee per model and we take 25% of the final sales price.

We usually do not consign non-brass items. We may make an exception for interesting items. We may make you an offer on them.

Insurance Valuation.

For a modest fee we do insurance valuations for theft or loss. If we are replacing the equipment the fee may be waived.

Custom Painting and Locomotive Detailing

We have several customers who do custom painting and locomotive detailing. Please contact us and we will pass your requests on to them. Note that they work to their own schedule.

Digitrax Consultation

If you are considering converting your current layout to Digitrax DCC or if you are considering building a new layout using Digitrax DCC, Central Hobbies has a Digitrax DCC consultation service. We will assist in you configuring a Digitrax DCC system for your layout. The fee is $25.00 per hour or part thereof. Consultation fees may be credited towards the purchase of a Digitrax DCC system from Central Hobbies.

DCC Decoder Installations

Central Hobbies can provide basic decoder installation through staff or customers. Advanced decoder installation is offered by several of our customers. If you have a difficult installation we will offer it to our outside installers to see if they are interested. Please see our DCC Page for more information. We reserve the right to decline any installation we are offered.

A note regarding custom services

People who do custom work as a hobby work to their own schedule. They will tell you when they accept your work how long they think it will take. It may take more time or come faster. It is up to them.

Mail Orders

We mail order almost anywhere. (If you are in Nigeria or other such SCAM countries don't bother contacting us.) , See our Mail Order Page for further information. When in doubt give us a call (604)-431-0771 or an E Mail.

Updated November 24, 2012

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