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Miniatures By Eric O and G Scale parts and Kits

Central Hobbies carries most of the Miniatures by Eric products. All HO, N Scale, G Scale and O Scale parts are stocked. Trolley parts are being brought in. HOn30 and On30 are available by order.

This page Covers O and G Scale products. See HO Scale or N Scale for Eric parts in other scales.

AO Scale Animals
GG Scale Parts
OO Scale Parts
On30On30 Models
OTO Scale Trolley

Description Price in
Canadian Dollars
A O Scale Animals
Beaver Special Order No Stock
Eagle Special Order No Stock
Gopher Special Order No Stock
Mice Special Order No Stock
Owl Special Order No Stock
Rabbit Special Order No Stock
Squirrel Special Order No Stock
Swimming Beaver Special Order No Stock

Description Price in
Canadian Dollars
G G Scale Parts
G-A01 Sinclair Antennas No Stock
G-A02 Large Anti Climber No Stock
G-B01 High Hood Diesel Bell $3.50 CDN
G-B02 Low Hood Bell $4.59 CDN
G-B03 Peacock brake stand used on GP9. $3.50 CDN
G-B04 Diesel side mount bell. No Stock
G-H01 3 chime diesel horn $4.50 CDN
G-H02 Winter hatch, GP9 $8.50 CDN
G-H03 RS3 Winter Hatch $9.19 CDN
G-H04 CPR Sand Hatches, EMD No Stock
G-H05 Winterization hatch, GP38-2 No Stock
G-H06 Blower buldge, EMD units $8.50 CDN
G-L01 Dual Pyle Lights $3.50 CDN
G-L02 Rear dual pyle light $2.40 CDN
G-L03 GP-9 Ditch Lights $4.99 CDN
G-L04 Pyle Light (Large) No Stock
G-L05 Rear Single Pyle Light No Stock
G-L06 Ditch Lights, Platform Mount $5.00 CDN
G-L07 Ditch Lights, Front Mount No Stock
G-L08 Ditch lights, CPR front mount, pair No Stock
G-L09 Diesel lift rings No Stock
G-N01 Number boards, RS3 $3.50 CDN
G-P01 Diesel Snow Plow No Stock
G-P02 Diesel plow, CPR No Stock
G-P03 Diesel plow, No Stock
G-P04 MU stands, platform mount, a pair No Stock
G-S01 MU stands, early $3.50 CDN
G-S02 MU Stands, Late GP/SD Single $4.59 CDN
G-S03 MU stands, late, GP/SD, double, a pair $3.00 CDN
G-S04 MU stands, Double, EMD $3.00 CDN
G-S05 MU Stands, Front Mount, Late Single $3.00 CDN

Description Price in
Canadian Dollars
O O Scale Parts
O-A01 Sinclair Antenna $3.35 CDN
O-A02 Anti Climber CN/CP SD40-2 $20.00 CDN
O-B01 O Gauge Bell No Stock
O-B02 Brake Wheel No Stock
O-B03 High Hood Bell $6.69 CDN
O-B04 Brake Stand & Brake Wheel GP-9 $6.69 CDN
O-E01 RS3 Exhaust Stack $8.35 CDN
O-E02 Exhaust Stack GP-38 CNR, ONR, ACR $4.19 CDN
O-G01 Steam Generator Detail F Unit $4.19 CDN
O-H01 CPR Diesel Horn $5.85 CDN
O-H02 O Scale Horn $5.85 CDN
O-H03 RS3 Horn Bracket $2.50 CDN
O-H04 RS3 Winter Hatch $24.99 CDN
O-H05 Winterization Hatch - F Unit $16.69 CDN
O-L01 Double Front Light $2.50 CDN
O-L02 Rear Light, Diesel $2.50 CDN
O-L03 GP9 Ditch Lights $9.19 CDN
O-L04 Marker Lights $3.35 CDN
O-L05 Marker Lights No Stock
O-L06 Barrel Light GP9 $4.19 CDN
O-L07 Double Rear Light (Takes MV-149) $4.19 CDN
O-L08 Rear Diesel Marker Lights, pr $4.50 CDN
O-N01 RS3 Number Boards $10.85 CDN
O-P01 Diesel Plow No Stock
O-P02 CPR Diesel Plow No Stock
O-P03 Coupler Pockets. * Discontinued when sold out. $3.35 CDN
O-R01 Rerail frogs No Stock
O-R02 Rerail frogs, Steam No Stock
O-S01 O Scale Switch Stand $16.69 CDN
O-S02 CNR Switch Stand No Stock
O-S03 Wheel Stop No Stock
O-W01 Windshield Wipers No Stock

Description Price in
Canadian Dollars
On30 On30 Models
O-HK01 Sugar Cane Box Car No Stock
O-HK04 Flat Car No Stock
O-HK06 Bachmann 0-6-0 Conversion No Stock
O-HK08 Kalakaua Passenger Car No Stock
O-HK10 Water Tender $28.69 CDN


Updated: Monday, December 28, 2020

We reserve the right to correct errors and change prices without prior notice.
Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

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