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Web Page Notes

Notes to the Web Pages.

In the absence of anywhere else to put various notes, this page has been started.


  • A NEW before the product part number indicates a new (to us) product. In some cases it may not be a new release to the market. We may just be late getting it into stock.
  • An Advance before the product part number indicates that this is an advance announcement and the product is not yet in stock. There might be an additional note indicating the projected release date.
  • Price US$ Price is in US dollars.
  • Price Can$ or Cdn$ Price is in Canadian Dollars. Unless otherwise noted all prices are in Canadian Dollars.
  • Price to be Determined we have many ways of showing this. Some day they will all be the same but for now:
    • $ TBA
    • MSRP $ ??.??
    • Price TBA
    • Est MSRP (followed by a price) - - - all mean that the final sale price has not been determined yet. In some cases the manufacturer has not told us what the price will be. In some cases we will not know what the price will be until it is imported and we determine what the exchange rate will be.
    • If it is a sale price it is usually in Red. Sometimes the MSRP is also listed.
    • MSRP - Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.
    • More to come when it comes to me.
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