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We're your Greater Vancouver one stop scale model train shop!
2825 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver, B.C., V5M 2E1, Canada - - - Phone 1-604-431-0771, Fax 1-604-431-9855 - - - Orders Only 1-888-7TRAINS (1-888-787-2467)
Victoria 2016 Show
Central Hobbies will be at the Victoria Show, Sunday May 29, 2016. If there is anything you want brought to you there, please contact us a week or two before the event.
New Soundtraxx Sound Decoders
 SoundTraxx Tsunami 2 Decoders Logo
Soundtraxx has announced the replacement for the Tsunami decoders - The TSUNAMI 2.

This new decoder is the same size as the Econami but does so much more.  SoundTraxx Tsunami 2 Decoders

One decoder holds all the EMD sound files, another the Alco, another the GE, another misc manufacturers (Baldwin, FM and such), another for electrics and one for steam engines. Many horns, whistles, air pumps, compressors and much more.....
The Tsunam2 is $ 129.99 US$ MSRP.
RAPIDO Prime Movers
 Prime Movers Logo
Rapido has announced a nw series of more affordable models under the "Prime Movers by Rapidio" name.
The first model announced is the 'Dash 8-40CM' "the Draper Taper".
There are several CN and BC Rail models. Details at: Rapido Trains Announcements Web Page and Rapido Dash-8 Models.
RAPIDO Icons of Canadian Steam
 Icons of Canadian Steam
Rapido has announced a multi year series of Canadian Steam Locomotives. Details at: Rapido Trains Announcements Web Page and Rapido Locomotives - Hudsons
RAPIDO CPR Royal Hudson Announcements
The first release in Rapidos "Icons of Canadian Steam" release is the CPR Royal Hudson.
Details as to road numbers and model specific details at: Rapido Trains Announcements Web Page and Rapido Locomotives - Hudsons
We are taking reservations for these models now.
True-Line Trains Products
True-Line Trains is doing a run of Point St. Charles cabooses.

They are RUMOURED to be close. We will know they are here when they arrive at our front door.
For those of you who need a sneak peek, there is an test sample with flaws making the rounds.
We have a good stock ordered so we will be able to fill any orders.

Here is a picture of one of the Flawed test runs.
 True Line Trains Point St. Charles Caboose
RAPIDO TRAINS Announcements
Due to the large number of Rapido trains Announcements we now have a separate Rapido Trains Announcements Web Page.
RAPIDO TRAINS HO New Announcements
Rapido Trains has announced HO-Scale:
VIA Rebuilt F40PH-2Ds,
GMD-1 Rebuilds - 1600, 1400 and 1430-1444 Series.,
Amtrak Baggage Car F40s ,
Amtrak Modernized F40PH ,

See Rapido Trains Announcements Web Page for more information.
Parking is available at the West end of the building and behind the building. You may use spots 1 through 20.
If you do not want to drive in Vancouver traffic don't forget you can get here easily by Skytrain.

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